About Lane Online Solutions

Are you looking for a large corporation to handle your online website needs? A corporation with large departments and cubicles, a team including hundreds of people? A pre-recorded message when you dial their phone number that requires you to press many different numbers before getting to the right department? If so, please continue searching because Lane Online Solutions is not what you are looking for.

My name is Ashley Lane, and when you call our phone number you won’t get a long, pre-recorded, generic message taking you from one place to another. What you will get is me, owner/operator of Lane Online Solutions. My company prides itself with personal relationships, quality service, and affordable pricing; just a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right company to handle your online needs.

For many years I have had my hands in every pot within the online world. From customer service, to marketing and design to development, our experience is expansive. After working in the corporate world for too many years, giving others credit for my work, and earning money for someone else, I decided to branch out on my own, thus Lane Online Solutions was born.

Lane Online Solutions started as a small business, and plans to stay that way. You see, I am someone who takes pride in my work and relationships. It is extremely important to me to have a hand in all of my professional dealings (I won’t pass you to someone else) all while being able to spend the much needed time at home with my husband and raising my beautiful children.

You can count on us to handle your online needs with professionalism, quality, affordability, and reliability. With the help of my intelligent, strong network, I assure you, you will be pleased with our work.

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